Re-loading 44mag w/Power Pistol?


TGT Addict
Jan 23, 2009
Has anyone reloaded their 44mag with Power Pistol.
The loading data I show only allows a 1 tenth grain variance. Working in 32k cup range with a 240gn. JHP.
Now max cup is about 40k in this round (working from memory here)
This makes sense based on the property's of PP and it's burn rate.
My question is this:
Have you loaded PP in the 44mag?
How well did it shoot? (Accuracy)
How bad was the muzzled flash?
At what gain did you load it and with what bullet?
Have you exceeded the 32k cup and with what results?
I load a lot of PP and always looking for a way to use it in more than on caliber.
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