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    Feb 21, 2008
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    This section is intended for posting video demonstrations, how-to's, and tutorials on pretty much any subject. The intention of this section is to provide an alternative means of learning on a large variety of subjects without the need to comb through endless posts to find some obscure fact. For many of us, we may simply not have the time to devote to the countless hours sometimes required to learn some basic facts on sometimes relatively simple subjects. For some of us, simple, quick and easy is the preferred method of learning. Please stick to this ideal in this forum. Attempt to keep your posts clear and concise and try not to get long winded. Please stay on topic so we can keep threads in this section short and simple, so that people may learn easier. Please feel free to post how-to videos on just about anything you can imagine. Here's some ideas to get you started:

    -Cleaning certain guns
    -Disassembly of certain guns
    -Performing various computer tasks (how to post a youtube video, how to use Photoshop, etc)
    -How to sight in your scope
    -Techniques in shooting handguns

    That should give you some ideas. I will be posting several videos to get the ball rolling and to help others with learning to make and post videos on video sharing sites such as YouTube. These websites offer an incredible opportunity, and I think you will all find that creating and sharing your own videos with sites such as those adds a great visual and social aspect that really strengthens communities such as ours. With Texas being such a big state, it also helps us better socialize with each other even if we are separated by large physical restraints.

    Please DO NOT start copy/pasting how-to videos, that are not your own creation, off of video sharing sites. We want only user original content here.

    All of that aside, please feel free to post constructive comments, questions, and video requests.
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