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    I'm going to start policing the forum for politics. Many of the threads go off-topic when people start engaging in personal objections to someone else's ideology and frankly it serves little purpose to the original question.

    But, since firearms and personal liberty are a large part of our political system, I'm going to open a politics forum. This will be a trial run.

    For the Foil-Hat Commandos: Yes, I work for the government, am part of the Illuminati, and I'm posting this from a Black chopper over your house where I'm currently trying to read your brain waves with a 1950s microwave. I regularly attend Bohemian Grove druid meetings, and I was the ATF agent that set fire to the Branch Davidian compound. My father shot Kennedy from the Grassy Knoll, so I had some large boots to fill. Thanks for reading this, because it has given me the time I need to trace your IP, I'm en route.

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    Jul 16, 2008

    lmfao!!! (I typed that in all caps, but it auto-lowered cased it...hmmm)

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