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Mar 16, 2009
I am considering ordering a reloading setup online, but I'm pretty much clueless as to what all I would need. Not to mention when it shows up how the heck I'm supposed to use it. Can anyone advise me on what the better setups are? A friend of mine pointed me to Lee Precision, but I can't really tell which unit is better (except by than the next and why. Please help.

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Apr 28, 2008
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What you buy depends on what and how much you want to load. A single stage press is a good way to start. RCBS, etc. sell starter kits with a press, scale, dies, etc. and you'll need at least one reloading manual. The Lyman manual is what I started with and it does a good job of explaining things.

There are some who are partial to Lee because of the price, but I find their quality and durability slightly less than RCBS and Lyman.

If you're planning on loading pistol, you might want to look at Dillon and some of the other turret/progressive presses, but it's always better to start with a single stage until you get the basics down. Once that's done, a progressive will save you time but not money, since once you start reloading, you end up shooting more.

I still use a RCBS single stage for my rifle loads and pistol rounds for pistols I don't shoot very much. For my Bullseye guns (.45 ACP and .38 Special), I have two old Star Machine Works progressive reloaders that will load around 400 cartridges an hour. Dillon used the Star as the model for his line of presses.


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Feb 7, 2009
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Lee is a good product, its not the greatest, but it does get the job done. It really depends on how much money, you want to invest in this hobby. A good reloading book, is a must! I use a Speer, Lee's second edition is my favorite. I also have Lyman's and a few others.

For me, most of the equipment Ive bought is Lee because im on a budget and I dont reload everyday. I did buy a $100 rcbs electric scale because I feel better(safer) loading powder with a better scale. If I ran a small business and or had more money that would justify a Dillon, RCBS etc. I use a single stage Lee and a Classic turret Lee Press for my handgun and small rifle rounds.


Mar 28, 2009
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I run 2 Dillon 1050's one in 5.56mm an one in 7.62. Ive stopped loading 7.62 and only run the 5.56 because .308 components are just plain ridiculous to find/buy when you do find 'em. I love the 1050 and recommend it, but its not for the casual reloader. I still use the old RCBS Rock Chucker for the smaller stuff. If your ever in Dallas come on buy and I'll show you why I like my Dillon.


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Mar 26, 2009
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I love my Dillion square deal, for handgun, do not load for rifle.
Set up is easy, good instructions come with it, and it has a lifetime warranty, fantastic customer service


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Mar 14, 2008
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I bought the Lee classic turret kit from Cabelas and have been happy with it. It may not be very fast but it works for me. Once everything is set and verified 150 rounds an hour is easy and 200/hr is possible. Less than $300 total for press kit, dies, caliper, and manual was great.


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Nov 16, 2008
Just got stated and went with the Lee Classic Turret and all the upgrades I found I needed after getting set up. Even with the addition of a tumbler I have about $300 in it so far. Generally load 50 rds .45 and 50 rds 9mm in about an hour. Nice not having to patrol the three Wally World's in town looking for ammo. Now if Precision Delta would hurry the bullets I would be set for a while.

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Apr 28, 2008
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We're all kind of shooting in the dark here, since GM.Chief has never clarified what exactly he wants to load and how many rounds he plans on loading. How about a little help, so we're not spinning our wheels. :1zhelp:


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