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Remington 870 12ga: Quality still high?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by NewToTX, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Charlie

    Charlie "I can't think of one thing that I don't know." TGT Supporter

    Mar 19, 2008
    Kerr County
    Keep CZ shotguns in mind. They make good stuff in all price ranges.

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  2. leVieux

    leVieux Old Guy "Have Gun; Won't Travel !"

    Mar 28, 2013
    Saint Martinville, LA
    Sam, I have a Mossberg, a number of 870's, and had a BPS. The Japanese Browning I had was not of any high quality. The action was "rough", even after a year. So rough that a "follow-up" shot on a passing bird was very difficult. I traded it for an 870, and was very happy.
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  3. DD130

    DD130 Active Member

    Aug 21, 2017
    San Antonio
    I picked up a used 870 Tacticool for $235 last week. Works. I have no idea how old or young it might be. I was told that if the ejector fails, it's a welding job to replace.. :/ The only other shotty i have is an 1897 Winchester made in 1904.... which.. I'm not going to shoot... so the 870 seemed like a good option. Did I just screw myself? :/
  4. Sam7sf

    Sam7sf Well-Known

    Apr 13, 2018
    For that price no. Say you got a 200 dollar rock island or a Chinese shotgun or a used turk. I say it’s a toss up if they work out of the box. I had nothing but issues. My current shotguns are my cva 20 gauge, rem 870, moss 590a1, and vepr12. For the money you spent just make sure you can trust her and use it when you need it.
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  5. rem1138

    rem1138 New Member

    Sep 7, 2018
    Wanted to throw my two cents in. From experience, I regret buying my 870 Express. My brother went for the Mossberg 500, and having shot both, I think it's easily the superior shotgun for the price point.
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  6. AustinN4

    AustinN4 TGT Addict

    Nov 27, 2013
    Why settle for just one? I have both the R870 and M590A1. Both work just fine. I have had numerous models of both over the years and they all have worked fine.
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  7. jetcycles

    jetcycles Member

    Jul 7, 2009
    Shoreacres, TX
    I've got an 870 Express, and it served as my only 12 gauge for 20 years without issue. Take care of your firearms and they'll take care of you. Earlier this year I picked up a CZ 712 G2 for $410 OTD from cabelas, as well as a Beretta A400 Xcel. With 250 rounds through the CZ last weekend, I feel as if it was a good value semi auto field gun.

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  8. mdf9183

    mdf9183 Member

    Jun 15, 2018
    You can't have too many shotguns. As for me I have 10 of them Pump, semi, lever, and side by side in 20ga, 12,ga, 410 ga Browning, Mossberg, Remington, Stevens,Century arms. Like I said you can't have too many.
  9. rem1138

    rem1138 New Member

    Sep 7, 2018
    Both is always the correct answer ;) . Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to knock the 870 as unreliable. I have never had a single issue with it functionally. Just in my experience, the fit and finish of an entry level Mossberg 500 is going to be superior to that of the entry level 870. At least, this seems the case to me since Freedom Group got ahold of Remington. Also, as a lefty, I find the safety position on the Mossberg better ergonomically.
  10. Gummi Bear

    Gummi Bear Active Member

    Mar 24, 2015
    I have a really old 870 Wingmaster, and a 870 Super Mag

    The Wingmaster is older than me, likely from the 60’s (I’ve never run the serial number to confirm). It was my Mom’s shotgun, and she gave it to me.

    The Super Mag is an early 2000’s build. It was cantankerous when I bought it, second hand. After tearing it down, and polishing the rough edges off of all the stamped parts, and adding a heavier spring to the magazine, it has been perfectly reliable with everything I’ve fed it. From 2-¾ all the way to 3-½ shells. I also replaced the stupid locking safety button with a Scattergun Technology oversize. That was a nice upgrade. Most of the time, this shotgun wears an 18” barrel, and an extended mag tube, and is full of buckshot for chasing pigs. I swap the barrel and mag extension for bird hunting.

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