Remington supercell recoil pad on a rifle?

Discussion in 'Rifles' started by TexasT, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. TexasT

    TexasT New Member

    May 20, 2009
    NE Texas
    Ok i'll admit that i am no expert on rifles and balistics. I own a Remington model 770 .30-06. it has a factory hard rubber recoil pad on it. my 870 3 1/2" super mag has a supercell recoil pad on it. what would be the effects of using one on this .30-06 as well? It looks like it will fit but haven't tried it yet.
    Anyone with an expert opinion? or just an opinion?

  2. TriggerTime

    TriggerTime Member

    Jun 28, 2009
    Houston, Texas
    I don't know about a Supercell, but I've put Pachmyer Decelerators on a couple of Model 700's with the hard plastic butt plate and they worked out great (7mm Mag and a 30-06). I had them put on by a gunsmith and total cost installed was about $100 each.
  3. Texas1911

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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    It'd work as well as the shotgun pad. The only downside is that you might make the length of pull too long and have to adjust your scope rewards to maintain eye relief.

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