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Jul 11, 2009
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I saw the movie "RUSH" at the cheap matinee today and really liked it!

The movie is about Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda who battled to the World Chmpionship in the mid to late 1970's. It was neat for me to see the flick as I was a fan of Lauda.

For those unfamiliar with the Formula 1 Cars, They are the fastest open wheeled type of car with the exception of the Indy Cars. Indy cars are larger and have more horsepower but do not race on the "twisties" as Formula One cars do. It is said that Formula 1 car racing is the most expensive of any automotive racing.

Lauda was not one of the pretty boy racers like his arch rival James Hunt. He was obsessive and brusk. Lauda was not the "Danica Patrick" type of cool and congenial spokesperson at all.

Lauda was horribly burned in a crash which disfigured his face, burned his right ear off and he lost much of his scalp and it even burned his eyelids. In spite of horrible pain, within 6 weeks, he was racing again!

This is a very different movie. It's told mostly from the perspective of James Hunt, Lauda's arch rival. The two hated each other as they progressed in the standings or Formula 1 racing. Hunt was the pretty, womanizing, drunken playboy race car jock and the story is told from how Hunt relates to Lauda. Hunt was a boyish party boy whom everyone loved and Lauda the obsessive, perfectionist who didn't give a flip if anyone liked him......and most didn't. We learn about Lauda through Hunt's tense relationship with him.

I liked the movie. I cried a few times.

The filming bothered me a lot. We are used to high resolution cinema and this was filmed so it looked like a 1970's newsreel. It was low resolution without any of the crisp, beautiful images that we see in movies today.

I LOVED the sound of those engines! Sitting in a Formula 1 car must be like sitting on a rocket!

The views of Lauda receiving medical treatment for his burns and lung damage were just about all I could stand. It's rough to see but Lauda survived it and returned to race again. I don't think the gravity of what he overcame could be understood without that being in the movie.

Lauda loved to curse the media and to flip the bird to people he didn't like. There's a bit of that in the movie. There are brief scenes of bare boobs and some impromptu booty calls that were not too explicit. Lots of grunting but not much skin showing. Some "F" bombs dropped, too.

This is the story of a man who overcame incredible hardship. It's also about two very different men who became Formula 1 racers and how they interacted.

I liked the movie. It didn't hit the "great" level but I liked it a lot! As the last words of the script are spoken, a figure of a man with a red ball cap is shown on the screen. That is Niki Lauda for real. He is still alive, however, the airline business that he ran after retiring from racing went out of business in July 2013.

It's worth the effort to get out to see it! My grade... A minus.

Coming up next week.................."GRAVITY"

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