Revolver nut checking in


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Mar 28, 2008
Austin, TX
It started out simple, one 44 mag revolver, now I'm the proud owner of three magnum revolvers, a .357, .41, and .460. I love my trips to the range but hate to ruin it for others so the 460 doesn't get to come out too much. I've got a new found love with Smith And Wesson DA revolvers, just took one pre-lock to change my mind. I'm also a big fan of the single action, the .460 is a BFR.


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Mar 24, 2008
Lufkin, Texas
Welcome from the Piney Woods. I to have a heart for revolvers. Only after 9-11-01 did I really convert to a simi for carry. Now 1911 most of the time.
SP101 Sunday & for smaller carry.


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Mar 6, 2008
I do love a Revo also, I have a few 357/38's mostly S&W I have a model 57 4" 41 mag. and 3 44mags with 2 being S&W and he other a Ruger.

I had a 500 S&W mag but a friend wanted it more then I wanted it so it is gone to a new home and better one I guess.

my next Revo is going to be a 460 or 480 for hog hunting gun ,but I need to get back on my feet better before that happens.
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