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May 19, 2009
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I bought my first 1911, and it was not a .45acp. It fires the .22 TCM round which is a blast to fire. I say blast because after firing the first round at the range almost everyone up and down the line looked at me. Well it sounds more like S&W .500 than a .22. For those of you who have never seen a .22 TCM round, it can be described as 9mm luger necked down to a .22. The RIA 1911 fires the .22 TCM round at 2160 fps out of a 5 inch barrel. The fireball coming out the end is a sight to see.

With this impressive velocity comes very little recoil. You can really stay on target easily for follow up shots. The metal magazine holds an impressive 17 rounds and is very easy to load. It drops free when the mag release is pressed. The model that I have came with adjustable sights. The trigger breaks clean at what I estimate to be 4 lbs. Out of the box it was perfectly sighted for the 15 yard target I was shooting at, and even with my marginal aim was able to easily keep a 5 inch group.

In the case when I bought it, came a 9mm barrel and spring that can be swapped for the .22 TCM using the same magazine. I had a HK USP 9mm, and an FNX 9mm, with me for comparison. It had the lowest recoil by far and exceeded my accuracy with the USP, and my poor performance with the FNX. I did pick up the USP magazine and tried to load a .22 TCM round, but the round was just long enough not to fit, which is an excellent safety measure.

The slide was perfectly fit on the 1911 and had no play in it whatsoever. The barrel locked solidly in battery without any noticeable clearance against the base. In the 50 rounds that I fired I had one failure to feed, but racking the slide loaded the round. When fired, the the spent rounds are thrown over my right shoulder and about 4 feet behind me. The casings were not damaged, and appear suitable for reloading.

I paid $20.99 for 50 rounds, and the ammo seemed available at a number of locations. If you have a need to try something new this may be a an excellent choice. I had several people ask to try it, and they remarked on how light the recoil was. I will give it a 5 out of 5 for construction, accuracy, and fun factor. ($619.00 at LGS)

Manufacturer website

Shotgun News review
Smallbore Slabsides: Rock Island Armory .22 TCM Review - Shotgun News
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May 19, 2009
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Nice report. Sounds kind of like a ballistic equivalent to the FiveSeven.
200 FPS faster than FiveSeven out of a pistol. FiveSeven ammo is very scarce. The place that I ordered 10 boxes of .22 TCM had no limit and 850 boxes in stock for $20.99.
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Aug 9, 2013
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I have two RIA 1911 9mm, have no complaints at all. Sounds like I would really like lt. Need to see if they are available in Killeen area.

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Jul 31, 2011
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I picked one up some time back. Walked in to the LGS looking for a 1911 and walked out with two RIAs. One in .45 and another in TCM.

It is probably the funniest handgun I have. The only downside I know is that you only have one choice for ammo. The 40gr that Armscor sells.

As far as comparison to the 5.7. 40gr TCM is faster than a 40gr 5.7 but a 36gr 5.7 is faster than a 40gr TCM.

From an economic standpoint. The gun and ammo are half the price of an FN and most parts are standard to 1911s for customization. Mags cross with .38 super, and you can go super cheap and run it as a 9mm.

I love mine and use it a lot if times as a stepping stone for new shooters from .22 to 9mm. You can hand them a full size gun with full size noise but rimfire recoil.

Shoot it at dusk for a REAL show.


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Jul 1, 2011
I bought my first 1911, and it was not a .45acp.

The fireball coming out the end is a sight to see.
I've yet to own a 1911 and even with .45 as my preference, I just may follow you on this one. I shot subseashooter's RIA TCM and it was a hoot. Nice write up.

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