Rimfire Trigger Slipping? Make It Set!

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  • Josh Smith

    Smith-Sights LLC
    Forum Sponsor
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    Aug 10, 2012
    Wabash IN

    The Savage rimfire Accutrigger is nice.

    However, it does have its flaws. Mine started slipping when I would close the bolt. This got frustrating when using it to hunt.

    My solution was to recut the sear, and, while I was at it, make it a set type of trigger!


    I cut a new engagement surface on the sear above the stock engagement surface, which has worn out. This will allow the bolt to be worked hard, and the minimum pull for this shelf is about 2#, though I do not recommend going below 5#.


    I then adjusted the safety so that, when the trigger is pulled with the safety on, the sear drops to an intermediate position between the two engagement surfaces. This keeps it from dropping on the original rest and ruining the surfaces (which you should have resurfaced).


    The final position for the set trigger can be taken down to 12 ounces, though I do prefer no less than 2#. You lower it by disengaging the trigger.

    The rifle can be fired from either engagement surface. A fly is not required as the two surfaces are close enough together that the momentum of the trigger carries it past the secondary engagement surface if you shoot off the primary.

    Smith-Sights Solution: Set Accutrigger - YouTube

    Of course, if you decide to do this, you do it at your own risk!


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