Ruger American Rimfire Range Report


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Jan 24, 2011
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Howdy, all.

Snagged a Ruger American Rimfire (full-size .22LR) at Cabela's today. $289 + tax. Uses the traditional 10-22 rotary magazine, and accepts all aftermarket higher-capacity 10-22 mags (to be tested).


Set up a target at my indoor range and here's what this rifle does with its flip-up rear and fiber optic front sight at 20 feet using Aguila Super Colibri (primer powered 20 grain lead bullet).


Four rounds at twenty feet, shooting supported with only the left elbow rested on a work table.

The receiver is drilled for Weaver #12 scope mounts.

The synthetic stock is comfortable, but forward of the action, it wanders, and on the left side, it touches the barrel. Semi-free float I suppose. That is an easy fix to remove stock material from the left side.

I typically test fire new .22LR guns with Super Colibri, then verify at an outdoor range. The Colibri's, in my experience, show the true potential of the gun.

Ordered scope mounts, rings, and a scope from Midway this afternoon.

If you find one, it deserves your attention.

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Apr 12, 2013
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Dayum, man... That's what, a 2-inch target?

Now I -really- want one of those beauties.

ETA: The two that I've handled (one at Cabela's in Fort Worth, the other at the Academy off 820) were both fully and properly free-floated, at least to my horribly untrained eye. It's possible you got a slight lemon, but if it really is an easy fix, I'd say don't worry about it and just do the work.
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Aug 27, 2009
San Antonio!
I picked up one of these on Saturday, used but in pristine condition. I've heard nothing but great things about these rifles, and I wanted a bolt-action .22LR so this fit the bill quite nicely!


I can't wait to shoot it. Probably this weekend!

Cheers! M2


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Jan 24, 2011
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Nice rifle, Max. For accuracy work, I would detach the bi-pod and rest the fore-end on a sand bag. Bi-pods do make for a good ersatz support if a bag is not readily available. You will see a lot of wiggle in your sight picture when you use the bipod.

All the ammo shown in you pic will give acceptable groups at 50 meters (2" or less). I have found the RWS-Geco .22 LR (optimized for bolt action rifles) to yield the best groups at 50 M. Typically inside of a Dime, with no flyers.

Your next best bet would be to find some old-school CCI Standard Velocity 40 grain lead round nose ammo. It shoots just as good as the Geco, but does throw an occasional flyer, even when you do your part.

Be well.

The Lox

Jun 6, 2010
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I put a Mueller APV on mine and it will literally punch a ragged hole in a target. With my Silencer Co Sparrow on the end, it feels like almost zero recoil at all.

I am so pumped I picked on of these up earlier this year!


Jan 9, 2013
Prosper, TX
One of the threaded carbines is in my future. Would consider a .22 mag also but the ammo is scarce.
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