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Bob Loblaw

Feb 28, 2008
Buda, Tx
What's your thoughts on these? I was informed by my uncle that it was my grandfather's gun of choice and am thinking of purchasing one for my first bolt action. Unfortunately he's no longer with us to explain his reasoning behind his preference. Also, what's the difference between a Sako and Tikka? I sure like the look of the T3 Tactical. My first choices were the Rem 700p or the FN Patrol, so how do they compare?


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Feb 22, 2008
Austin, TX
Sako makes fantastic rifles. The actions are buttery smooth and the accuracy is awesome. I own a Tikka T3 Lite in .308, and it's a tack-driver. The first two rounds I put through it after a boresight went through the exact same hole at 50 yards, and I've gotten awesome groups with it at longer distances. The Tactical model would be a fine choice I bet. The FN or 700p are both going to be good rifles though. The FN is an up-to-date Winchester Model 70 with a controlled push-feed, which some people prefer although most rifles are made well enough now that is a moot point to me. The Remington, Sako and Tikka are going to have a push-feed only setup, meaning that the round floats into the chamber when feeding and the rim isn't captured during feeding like in the Model 70 action.

I've never shot an FN patrol but I've shot many Remington 700s and a handful of Sakos, I of course have shot my Tikka a lot. If you plan on ever upgrading the rifle, the 700 is the way to go as there are more accessories available for them. The FN has the oldest and most tested action out of any of them. The Sako will have the smallest bolt turn and the fit and finish will be outstanding. I think for your dollar the Tikka will be the most accurate from what I've seen from my own experience.

If I were in your shoes I would buy the Tikka personally.


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Oct 22, 2008
DFW Keller
I'm not an expert, but I do own a Sako Finnbear 30.06. It was my Dad's and when he passed away last year, I took it home. Long story, but the airlines broke it and paid to have it restocked. It's a pre-Garcia Finnbear 30.06. After having it restocked and going directly to the range, it was easy to shoot sub MOA groups even with the cheap-o bushmaster scope that was locked (rusted I think) at 6x. Here's a picture


They tend to be a bit expensive, but are quality rifles. Garcia bought out Sako some were around the mid 80's and changed some of the tooling, which some purists say deteriorated the quality, but that's more opinion than fact. However, pre-Garcia models are the most sought after by collectors. Sako of course is now owned by Beretta, brings a level of quality confidence to the table.
Oct 13, 2008
navyguy, have you ever tried to count the grooves in the bore of that Sako? Just curious...

I mention this because i tried to count the grooves in a Sako bore once, it wasn't easy. As Austin Powers would say, it was "very groovy, baby!". 12 was the number I came up with.


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Oct 22, 2008
DFW Keller
Never tried to count them, but have looked down the barrel a fair amount getting the cooper out. I'll try that tonight. Maybe I can get a clear picture down the bore.


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Oct 13, 2008
+1 on phatcyclist post. If you want to go first class, with an extremely well made rifle that will last a lifetime, go with a Sako. If you want equivalent accuracy for less money, get a Tikka. If you think you might want an eventual upgrade / custom modification, Remington. In terms of probability of getting out of the box accuracy, however, I would have more faith in the Sako/Tikka.



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