Saxet show in SA @ Freeman Coliseum

I'm weighing the pros and cons of going to this show and need input from somebody that's been to one of their shows.

Any input on how many vendors and the selection of "stuff", especially reloading supplies/equipment.

I'll have to drive from Del Rio (3hrs and a tank of gas) plus the parkiing and admission and I have close to a C note invested before I even buy anything.

That, in itself, is not that big a deal, if I can get everything on my list at decent prices.

Here on the edge of the world, we have to settle for what we can get, and pay what the one guy in town wants for it.


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May 24, 2008
I go to the SAXET shows here in Austin... it's a pretty average gun show, nothing ever really special... but once in a blue moon you can find a gem in the rough.

This upcoming one I'm definitely going to get a hold of that CZ dude before he runs out of rifles.


Mar 6, 2008
In all honesty I find the gun shows less appealing all time unless I'm in the market for a used gun, reloading supplies I find are best ordered in as large of quantities as the pocketbook permits. The last SA show I attended appeared to have less tables.


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Mar 13, 2008
South Central Texas
At least you didn't do like I did and drive to Pasadena for the gunshow this weekend only to find it had been cancelled.:banghead:
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