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Dec 20, 2013
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I’ve come to realize a few things...

1. Gifts freely given in and of themselves shouldn’t burden the receiver, regardless of the intention of the giver.

2. If asked before the gift is given, the receiver should respond honestly and in relation to the intent of the giver. Fear of hurting the givers feelings should be considered but so should any other relevant actions or results.

3. Gifts given by loved ones have the most enduring sentimental value, regardless of basic intrinsic value.

4. Gifts given that imparts some level of work or responsibility on the part of the receiver should be considered as to the consequences down the road of the gift (think about giving guns, animals, vehicles, property, etc.)

My dad died when I was young, and I left for the military shortly after high school. After a series of moves, my mom had to leave behind or sell/give away most of anything of value, so I have nothing from my father or grandfather except a box of photographs, but they mean a lot to me.

To the OP, I’d simply say this...look at your relationship and where you may be 10 years from now. If you have a bunch if guns from your dad already, that may make the decision different than if this is the first or one of a very few.

The great thing about any good gun...they have longevity and will work great 20 years from now...



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Jan 13, 2017
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Moonpie is correct. Right now dumping the Glock might be the move. You'll certainly get more than you paid for it under current pricing conditions. I redact my suggestion to sell the Steyr. Just not a lot of accessories for it later on if you want to do anything with it. If you like how it shoots better then keep it.

P.S. you could always sell the Steyr and get two Caniks. They shoot better than that Steyr.


Feb 1, 2009
Dump the Glock, keep the CZ!
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