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SOLD Selling Reloading Equipment for Pistol and Rifle [Round Rock]

Discussion in 'Non-Firearms Classifieds' started by MJMcKool, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. MJMcKool

    MJMcKool New Member

    Sep 15, 2011
    Round Rock, TX
    I bought about $3,000 worth of new reloading equipment back in 2013 during the Obama Ammo shortage. I never pressed a single bullet and now it's just taking up space. Most is Lee equipment, some RCBA. Raw lead, primers, good dry powder, Combo presses, scales, lead smelting equipment, bullet moulds, trimmers, bullet hammers, bullets, die, etc.

    I accept that I'm taking a huge loss, and I am selling everything as a package deal for $1,500 or may consider parting out. This is everything you need to reload pistol and rifle in all the major calibers.

    Here is a link to my dropbox folder with a bunch of photos:

    May be willing to trade for pistols or pistol caliber carbines.
    Looking for .410 revolver or .44Mag.

    Contact me directly if interested.
    Matthew 512-919-6543

  2. skfullen

    skfullen In the woods... TGT Supporter

    Is this sold?
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