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Apr 17, 2011
San Antonio, Tx
Posted this on my facebook, but wanted to share it here too.....

Shooting is an awesome social thing. October 20th 2008, I had the opportunity to shoot my first round through 50cal rifle(COBB). A while back I had the opportunity to purchase my own AR50a1....I'm not a sniper or precision marksman compared to others, but I'm in love with firearms....the ear destroying sound from a struck primer igniting the 660g of propellant, sending a projectile down range for some fun....puts a smile on anyone's face.
Today, I was able to pay it forward. Warning my boys(pictured) to get their hearing protection, because Daddy was gonna get loud with "the 50" which I've named BoomStick(for the Army of Darkness fans). A man walking by with his approx 12 year old son heard, telling him to watch....I invited them into the private bay and said they are more than welcome to take a shot each...or two....The look on the Dad's face instantly turned him back to his Toys R Us days and didn't even hesitate to come over. For his comfort and safety, asked him to shoot first before allowing his son, just so he'd personally feel comfortable knowing whether his son could handle the rifle. ***BOOOOOOM*** ear to ear grin with an "oh my God...." He couldn't believe the ease of firing and lack of recoil....Took a second from the timid son, like many, relating the sound to the possible pain of "the kick." Reminding him that this isn't an everyday rifle seen or afforded the opportunity to fire, to go for it. He straddled the bench, loaded the round.....***BOOOOOM*** Round down range, he postures up and loved it. Put a smile on my face, I know that made his day. The timid boy was hooked. Like that nice guy in 2008 did for me, I gave father and son each their spent casings. Let them each fire another round, then commenced to our other firearms for shooting....

That kid will forever have a cool story, like I do, of his big shot. His Dad seemed like he couldn't thank me enough. Anyways, wanted to share it with the Bullet Hole Shooting Range, I love the facility, been shooting there literally all my life. Thanks Michele Hester, Carol, and the staff....I love the place.
I recorded the kid shooting in case his dad wanted a vid.'s the two different times my girlfriend has shot.

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Feb 25, 2013
This story really touched me..well done.. and yep, memories for all of them.. I like to share the old guns when i go to my range.. if i'm getting a "look at that antique" glance i'll offer (always excepted lol) to let them fire what ever it is.. but i've never had the chance to impact a father and his kids.. great story..

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Jun 6, 2011
The Woodlands
First of all, it's great to see you posting! You been gone so long I was gonna call the police, but since you're a cop...

That's an awesome story. I wonder how many of the worlds problems and differences people have could be resolved out on the shooting range? We should all take a liberal or two out to the range and let them get hooked.


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Jan 9, 2012
Cedar Park
Nice story. That is almost expressly why I buy some of my guns, knowing that somebody else will get a kick out of shooting it. I've started to lean more and more toward novelty guns like my tiny .22 revolver or Mac11 just because of the joy it brings watching that big grin grow on someone elses face.

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