ShivWorks coming to Houston in March


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Apr 27, 2008
The ECQC 1-2 & PUC class will be offered again at the Impact Zone range in March. I'll post more details as they become available.

Here's some videos from the previous Houston class.
YouTube - soonerbjj's Channel

We were fortunate enough to have a vehicle provided to train in.


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Apr 27, 2008
Hey everyone,

I confirmed the dates with SouthNarc today as March 27-29 at the Impactzone range. Friday will be the PUC class from 6-10 PM. Saturday & Sunday will be the ECQC 1 & 2 from 9 til about 5 PM.

The PUC class is $100 and the ECQC class is $400. If you sign up for both, it's $450. You can secure your slot by mailing in a 50% deposit. Contact me for the addy.

There are class outlines, training requirements, & gear requirements in the training section on the ShivWorks site.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask away or PM me.



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Apr 27, 2008
Come on out to the Friday evening Unarmed self defense class, PUC.
There's no previous martial arts experience needed. We have 2 ladies already signed up.

You can take this one class and learn much to help you expand your awareness and improve your effectiveness.
You'll learn how & why criminals assault good people and recognizing some "TELLS" or body language reads that they likely will do before they assault people. Then we'll practice recognizing and reading these signals while moving around with a training partner.

We'll also work on some body language of our own, ie cues for us to use
when strangers approach. The movement along with a good verbal challenge will again be worked with a training partner. This skill works well against bums & panhandlers trying to get close to us.

We'll also teach some very basic and effective strikes, like elbow strikes. They will be practiced on martial arts pads.

Some sneakers and comfortable clothes would be good to wear. Most students wear jeans & T-shirt or warm ups to the PUC class. You'll need to get a mouthpiece (boxing or martial arts), about $7 from Academy and a cup for the fellas to protect tackle.

Fitting the mouthpiece requires a little expertise, that being the ability to boil water. I know some fellas may need help with this, so find someone who can cook Ramen noodles to help you.

The basic method for fitting the mouthpiece is: get the water hot, dunk the mouthpiece in the hot water, use tongs to get the mouthpiece out, let cool a bit, then bite down firmly and fit the mouthpiec to your mouth. There will be specific instructions in the package to follow.

Feel free to pm me with any concerns or questions .


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Apr 27, 2008
Y'all shouda been there! We had a great class and learned some very relevent and effective skills. I'll post up an AAR & some vids soon.

Plans are in the works for another class in the Fall.


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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
Eventually I'll make it out to one. I've been talking to a friend of mine, and after seeing the ECQC vids on YouTube, I think he REALLY wants to attend as well. ;)


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