Shooting and Blowing up a Computer Server in Slow Motion [Video]

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    I do videography work as my main job, and this is one of the projects I worked on. It was for a data backup/restoration company in Dallas. I posted the teaser a couple of weeks ago, so here is the full version.

    YouTube - Shooting & Blowing up a Computer Server in Slow Motion #serverfailure - RED 4K & Casio EX-F1 [In HD]

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    Pretty cool, great job. As a commercial though I think they are narrowing their clientel. I'm sure some will LOVE IT and some will be turned off. It's hard to please everyone.
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    Well, I think that anyone who would be interested in this product would be pretty experienced with computers, and probably has had many a time that he'd love to blow his computer to smithereens. But I'm sure there is one or two that would be put off by it.

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    Jan 23, 2009
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    With my desktop on the fritz right now, and my laptop draggin' butt right now....I love this video. My wife told me to not get any ideas...
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