Shot Show 2014 Blue force gear molle minus

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    Blue force gear Molle minus. The dinosaur with the night vision caught my eye. When I walked in and started looking around the booth the Molle minus field gear caught my attention. I'm not a garment guy or a gear expert so I'm not a hundred percent sure what to make of the Molly minus concept. It looks like a great idea for the situations where you need reduced bulk. I have questions about the durability of the fabric used to make it when that fabric has a lot of gear hanging off of it.

    I also have questions about how Stiff or if the fabric is stiff enough to carry a load without deforming of under that load. The blue force gear people I sure did me that that is not a problem. So I put this in the great idea and potential great execution category.

    Shot Show 2014 Blue force gear molle minus - YouTube

    From the booth with the velociraptor wearing L 3 duck foot night vision, the Molle minus play carrier call my attention. I have two eagle Ciras plate carriers. They are bulky. This is the opposite. It is light, thin, the opposite of the ciras. I wonder if the material will carry a heavy load without deforming. I also wonder if the material is strong and durable enough to not rip where has been die cut to form the molle spaces. I did not get a straight answer regarding the soft armor pattern for this plate carrier. I wonder if it is a common BALCS cut or some other proprietary cut. This carrier has pockets for side plates if you need them. I believe this is a great idea and it will be interesting to see how well it actually works in the field.

    Shot Show 2014 Blue Gorce Gear Molle Minus Plate Carrier - YouTube



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