Shot show 2015. It's a wrap. A few thoughts


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Feb 7, 2009
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This year . . Almost didn't make it. Ended up going for two days. What did I see that caught my eye?

The silencers . . . . There are a lot of great cans with quick attach mounts. The Quick Attach mount on both mike Pappas' Dead Air Armament Sandman and Kevin Brittingham's sig cans show a reversion to simple but effective mounts. These mounts have no moving parts (the latch on the Sig can does move). The Sandman mount comes apart easily and has a couple of springs. Slide de it on and twist until you feel it overcome the resistance and its on!

The sig mount is what the 51 tooth mount should have been. The latch is a fail safe. The can can be torqued onto the mount by using the wrench flats and a torque wrench if you really want consistency (something no other can offers).

No wiggles. Will they stick on the mount? Who knows. But the real question is can you get them off? The answer to both is most likely.

Sig Sauer has a .45 acp can that is supposed to beat the TiRant 45! Yes . . . . That's what I was told and I will have one if it does.

POF. The have a new DI rifle that has a unique adjustable gas block. A Straight inconel gas tube with the adjustment in the front of the block.

Larue Tactical. The new bolt guns look great. The siete 300WM in the aI chassis is a nice looking rifle. I mean . . . I'm not a bolt gun expert but Mark is cutting the barrels and the recurve es bolt everything. Except the trigger if I recall. I actually kind of want one.

Mark Larue has a nice 2 stage MBT trigger. It feels smooth. Nice predictable take up and a clean break. I am giving one a try.

Surefire. Didn't get to have a detailed lok. The SO.cOM cans are updated. The socom762rc is quieter by 3db. The 300blk is coming out and the pistol cans.

gemtech. Two intersting products:

The suppressed bolt carrier group. GemTech moved the gas adjustment to the bolt carrier itself. My only criticism is that the BCg has to be removed to change the gas setting. Is this bad? well. It's hard to change a hot gas block adjuster and the bolt carrier group can generally be handled well before the gas block cools down.

The ONE can. I talked to Joey Harris. This is what caught my attention.
1. 300 win mag on a 24" barrel
2. 762x51mm on a 12.5" barrel
3. 5.56mm full auto on a 7.5" barrel

this is is out of a 16oz titanium suppressor with swappable mounts. BiLock or direct thread.


I picked up a C-Products 6.8 mag for testing.

Met Dr. Zheng, inventor of the unimag. I am going to receive one for testing. I finally figured out why it is innovative. It has a no-tilt, tilting follower that allows tapered rounds such as the 762x39 to stack in a straight magazine. Yes . . It is very interesting. Yes . . .it might actually work. Md it does it solves the 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 in the straight magazine conundrum.

armatac picked up a SAW mag. Why? Becuase I always wanted one. It's 150rds of drum goodness.

Magpul. All I can say is WOw! They pulled . . NOT A TRIFECTA . . . . BUT a quadfecta out of their collective hats this year!

High cap magazine . . . .magpul submitted a patent app for a quad stack magazine . . . . They fooled everyone. They brought out the D-60 drum magazine.

AI magazines for bolt guns? Tired of paying $60.00 for an aI magazine for your bolt gun? MAGpul has the solution. That's right magpul has a polymer AI compatible magazine.

Tired of paying $29.00 for a factory Glock magazine? Well, try a $15.95 Glock Pmag for your Glock 17. Someone may have actually made a reliable aftermarket magazine for a glock. That someone is Magpul.

Otte Gear. Picked up a parka and anorak. Still the best in my opinion but WTF do I know?

Glock. No single stack 9mm . . . Maybe next year.

CZ. Okay . . They are bringing the BREN and I guess I want one.

SERBU. Mark is still selling the semi BFG-50a and a sweet little pistol 556 upper. Always enjoy looking at that beast of a DI .50 and wonder what it would be like suppressed!

Flir. Wow, still want a T-70! Clip on thermal goodness that can be used as a standalone weapon sight.


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Dec 28, 2012
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Very interesting stuff. I figured that new Sig mount looked pretty cool. Also the idea of Gemtech's adjustable carrier intrigues me too. I'd have to say though that the fact that magpul is looking to diversify their offerings that much is awesome sauce. They are set to become a behemoth in more than just the AR industry....lets just hope they don't get bought out by Freedom Group ^_^

So where's the pics :D


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Feb 7, 2009
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This is Mega Arms new rail co-designed with Hodge Defense's Jim Hodge.

Likes: It is small . . .as in Narrow. Light. But it feeks solid and hell for stout strong. I'm not an engineer but it doesn't have any funky angles with very thin sections that would indicate a lack of material where it's needed. More weight is saved with the barrel nut. It is Titanium. The rail comes with a wrench to tighten the barrel nut.

i can't remember the interior diameter but I think ?Jason told me it would accept most of the normal sikencer diameters.



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May 28, 2008
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Friend of mine that went said there was a glut of tactical epic facial hair and new off the hangar 511 clothing being worn. Pictures seem to confirm these observations.


Jun 24, 2012
My favorite of the show, crye revolver shotgun 12.5" barrel with a 6" salvo under the handguard. Too bad the shotgun was unveiled last SHOT and still isnt for sale but if it does work well I'll have one and a killer toaster in my safe.

Surefires boring new cans, long ass 9mm can, new front caps on the socom line, a 300blk can that apparently only sounds awesome on 300blk, meh


Cool blued barrett 50 that was auctioned off

I didnt take a whole lot of pictures because there really wasnt a whole lot that was interesting that we havent already seen prior to SHOT. The new chassis from KRG is badass but at 4K out of my price range.

Only thing new at glock was the milled rmr slides and a 10mm long slide. The new vortex strike eagle is going to be an awesome scope for the price. Doubt I'll buy more razors for none defensive guns after looking through it. They released some new red dots as well as a cheaprr option to the $500 razor that are lower profile so you no longer need auppressor height sights to clear the RMR.

The new carbon fiber dipped M&P looks as terrible as it sounds. The hydrodip is poorly executed. Makes me wonder what the S&W brass is thinking. On the other hand I will be picking up one of the newly released FDE compacts as a new carry gun.

The new leupold devo is pretty cool but the tight eye box kills its usability for fast shots in my opinion. The jesse james can is ridiculous as well as his gaudy firearms.

There werent a whole lot of booth girls, apparently it was an off year for that unfortunately. Did pick up an eberlestock gunslinger 2 pack for cheap so that was a win. Dont know that I'll go every year though. Maybe every other year. Now that companies are releasing their new stuff before SHOT theres really no reason to go except to put hands on a product but most of my initial thoughts were found to be correct once I got to play with them. It was nice getting to meet friends though.

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Jun 6, 2011
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Sorry to hear it was a slow year. I try and go every other year for this same reason. I love SHOT, but not enough changes to merit me going every year. I'm most surprised to hear about the Booth Girls. They got better and better every year. Try to imagine SHOT when it was more tailored to the hunting crowd, I like the new direction the industry has gone.


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Feb 7, 2009
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This is Mike Papas' new .22 Mask form his new company Dead Air Silencers. I didn't get to see the baffle stack. They are pending patent. The can felt good, but isn't the lightest can out there.



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