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Discussion in 'Events' started by sharkey, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. sharkey

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    Feb 25, 2013
    Weird request and maybe this is the place to post? I try to go to Shot every year if I can. I usually go as a vendor from a buddy's store but I can't go under his store this year. I could pay the $170 and go as LEO but I'm a cheap SOB.

    I have already booked the trip (got a smoking deal on SW). Is there a LGS willing to Sponsor me? I'll cover the $70 vendor fee and check out anything you might be particularly interested in. As a retired LEO, I spend most of my time in that section of the show the 3 days I am there. I'd be willing to speak to any company reps you might need to reach out to or place an order for something you need in the store.

    PM me if interested.

  2. candcallen

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    Jul 23, 2011
    Little Elm
    I used to go as a "research assistant" for a lgs owner. He would send who ever wanted to go. He felt that everyone who wanted to go should be able to and I agree.

    So if someone has access hire some research assistants and help this guy out. It's not secret squirrel chit and shouldn't keep the industry's life blood out.
  3. sharkey

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    Feb 25, 2013
    Appreciate it. I actually called the Show promoters 4 years ago when they hiked their prices up. They do not want 1st responders there that do not buy for their agencies. Despite that, the LE section of Shot continues to grow each year and I would think the vendors would like to get their products into the hands of a happy customer for promotion even if it is an individual sale. Having attended numerous times over the course of my former career, I just can't understand why the promoters want to basically charge 2.5x the amount to a first responder. I understand the trade show aspect but still.....

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  4. benenglish

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    Nov 22, 2011
    I've heard of exactly the same thing being done every year. I've had FFL holders offer to let me go under their FFL. However, I would note that the wording of the document that defines the documentation required for attendance makes this theoretically a violation of their rules.

    The requirements are here:

    If a gun shop wants to send friends by assigning them a fictional designation of "research assistant", they're suppose to actually give that assistant something to do. The applicable paragraph reads:
    (emphasis added)

    Yes, I realize that the show doesn't really enforce this. A copy of a Type 1 FFL is all the documentation needed and if your friendly LGS is willing to use their FFL for that purpose, you're probably golden.

    I just wanted to point out that attending in this way is technically a violation of SHOT policy unless you're actually conducting business on behalf of the LGS.

    While I've never heard of anyone being ejected for violating this, the site at least pretends they intend to do so. For example, every attendee must have a unique email address; see item 3 of the FAQ at . In part, it says that unique emails are required because...
    So if everyone from your friendly local gun shop has an email address of and your email is, theoretically SHOT will use that as evidence that you aren't really an employee and will deny your registration.

    So is SHOT cracking down on the whole "friend of an LGS" way that so many have attended in the past or is this just a bunch of CYA on their website and they don't really care?

    As an aside, I've also seen many people state online that their industry involvement was as an NRA certified instructor and that was sufficient to get them in. While that may have been possible in years past, the document referenced above, in big, bold type, specifically EXcludes instructors from attendance as "trade or market affiliation" folks unless they can provide other acceptable documents.

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