WTB Sig Legion or AGX DFW


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Oct 24, 2020
Aubrey, Tx.
Looking for a 226 or 229 Legion. Maybe a 320 Legion. P320 AGX Have LTC and cash. North DFW. Be reasonable. New ones are available so please do t try to sell me a used one for more than a new one. Willing to pay a fair price but will not pay more than retail. Thats just dumb.
Its a want to have, not a need to have. Lets be reasonable.


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Jul 25, 2021
Highland Village, TX
I've got a P320 X-Five Legion that just came in if you do want to go with a new one.

Sig's Minimum Advertised Price on that pistol is $899.99 and we'd sell to you for that. Again, if you want to go with a new one.

Haven't even put it up on the web site yet but we'll probably sell it in the shop or on the web site around $950 but willing to go less for a member of the forum.
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