Sig P250 From Newbie Viewpoint

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  • LittleGun

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    Jun 27, 2008
    I went to the range to check out the Sig P250 in 9mm. I thought you folks might like a view from a guy who doesn't yet know anything about firearms. I don't know enough to be biased.

    I like the grip of the P250. I had the standard grip and it was comfortable to my small hands. The pistol is lightweight and easy to handle for me.

    The trigger seems very long, but it is smooth all the way. At first I had trouble with accuracy until I got used to the long trigger pull. As long as I relaxed with it, my accuracy was good. Two or three times I put rounds through the same hole. I was quite surprised.

    The recoil seems a little greater than other 9mm Sigs. The gun has more flip, but comes back down easily. I got used to it quickly.

    I didn't notice anything particular about the slide or the sights. They both seemed normal.

    The P250's main point is modularity. I like that idea, but I did not see any modular components on display. Because of that I don't plan to buy one anytime soon. I'd like to wait and see that modularity in action.

    Overall, the P250 is fun to shoot and easy to shoot. You just have to get used to the long trigger pull.


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    May 9, 2008
    North Zulch, TX
    Yeah the trigger on a p250 is a little different depending on what you are used to. It utilizes the DAK trigger system which is basically a tuned double action only. It is longer than a single but shorter and lighter than a double with dual strike capabilities. It was designed for law enforcement duty weapons with changeable frames and barrels for adaptability to each officer. The trigger assembly is the "gun" instead of the entire frame. It really is a neat gun to look at and study the design of when you consider the major differences between it and mainstream semi-autos. I'll probably have to buy one of these soon also.......DAMNIT:mad:


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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    The modularity is a big plus. I just hope they eventually come out with a traditional DA/SA trigger or at least some sort of short reset DAO trigger or something. That's the only downside I see on the P250 is that the reset is almost all the way (if not all the way) out on the trigger, which isn't conducive to quick follow up shots.

    As far as the modular options, take a look at the Sig catalog here, it has all of those components listed:

    Basically, there will be a 250 full size, and subcompact released in the not too distant future as well. The compact is the currently released model. They will also be available in .40sw, .357sig, and 45acp in addition to the currently released 9mm. Also, in addition to that there will be 3 different size grip frames available (large, medium, and small widths) for the compact and full size models. I believe the subcompact will have 3 grip options as well, however I haven't seen a definite answer on that yet. There are full specs for all of the models, grip frames, and everything else on that catalog. Just fyi, the current P250 compacts come with the medium grip frame as standard from my understanding. It is also my understanding that each of the grip frames are available for ~$35-50 a piece. I think some dealers now have the grip extra grip frames available.

    I definitely want one of these guns as I think it's a neat concept. Though, I'm going to wait for a few of the other models to come out to see if all of their modular accessories end up being very realistic or not. From what I hear the caliber conversion kits might be nearly as expensive as another gun. If that ends up being true, that will eliminate one of the major reasons for "modularity" as you might as well buy another gun if you were planning on having multiple calibers. We'll see I guess. I think the next year will make or break these guns as a concept. They are a neat idea but, if the gun plus a handful of accessories (maybe an extra grip frame or two) ends up being too expensive, I really couldn't justify choosing one of these over something like a Walther P99.


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    Feb 22, 2008
    Austin, TX
    I looked at one last week while I was trading in my M&P 9, but the trigger didn't really appeal to me. I would have liked a DA/SA trigger if it has an exposed hammer. The gun was very comfortable, and I'm sure it shot well, the trigger setup was the only thing that I didn't really like too much.


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    Mar 4, 2008
    I also did not like the trigger.But the gun looks well built and the ergonomics are great.
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