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  • TAZ

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    Oct 17, 2008
    Round Rock
    Got to handle a couple and dry fire them. No live fire yet. Feels nice in the hand, although i must admit the whole replaceable frame is a bit extreme on the custom fit scale. The trigger is nice and smooth. The prices have been dropping a bit now that they are a bitmore available, which is an added bonus. Heck, right now theya re below Glock proces at some places.

    The only negatove I have heard was from another board member who had his slide rails break off after 250 rounds. That and the fact that Sig took a LONG time to make it right has kept me clear for now.


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    Oct 28, 2008
    Highland Village
    I have owned 250 since July and have over 4000 rounds through it. I personally like the replacable grip modules and recently purchased the small one for my wife to try and found that it fits my hand better than the medium that comes with it. I had some failure to eject issues with it at the beginning and a trip back to Sig fixed the problem. The DAO trigger is excellent, smooth all the way through and very easy to master. I have to think that the person who had "slide rails" break off did something wrong, I cannot even imagine how this could happen other than a factory defect or to have the slide assembly not installed properly on the firing mechanism. The gun is as accurate as all the Sig's are, no issues there. When I was looking it was a toss up between the 250 and a Glock 19, I picked the Sig because it felt better in my hand, just cannot warm up to Glock's grip angle. This is a fine gun for the money, the majority of the people who own them truly are satisfied. Lot's of info on the Sig Forum both pro and con, just take it for what it is worth, if people have not owned or shot substantial rounds through one then apply your own judgement. Every body has a cousin's brother in law, neighbors friend who "said" Good luck.......


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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    I like the guns. That being said, there are several things to consider. Extra grip frames or different sized grip frames are cheap (like $35-50) so that's not bad if you want to customize it or have a few options (full size and compact to alternate between a range and carry gun). In my opinion, the caliber conversions are way too expensive and sort of defeat the purpose of modularity. Last I checked they were like $350-400 for the conversion kit, so you could practically buy another gun, that throws cost efficiency out the window as far as modularity goes IMO. The last thing I can think of is, IMO the trigger reset just plain sucks. The trigger basically resets all the way out. Some people like that. I do not as it severely reduces your ability to make follow up shots as quickly. Either way, judging by the few I've dry fired, the trigger did feel smooth at least and I don't remember it feeling gritty or anything.

    Personally, I would also consider a Sig Pro too as they are similar enough, polymer, and you can get them with a standard da/sa trigger, plus IIRC I thought you can also get the SRT trigger, but I'm not entirely sure about that one so don't quote me on it. ;)


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    Oct 17, 2008
    Round Rock
    Just to clarify my previous statement, it wasnt the slide assembly that broke, but the rails on the "frame" that the slide rides on. It was deemed a factory defect and replaced by Sig after much debate.

    On a different note I am told that the 45 version is out which raised my eyebrows considerably.

    I agree on the conversion kit price. WAAAAAAAY too expensive. Should be in the $200-$300 price range which would make the whole concept way cool. Would love to have a 45 for carry and home defense, but swap to 9 for IDPA, IPSC or plinking. I dont know how long they have been out in numbers, but I would imagine that much like the price of the gun went down after the new wore off, the price of the conversion kits will as well. As for teh trigger, it is smooth, but you have to remember that it is DAO, which means no reset... well a long one. I am sure that after getting used to it you can get back on target as fast as needed... Just ask Jerry Mikulek how fast he can get back on target with a DAO revolver. I know most of us only dream about getting as much trigger time as he does, but I for social encounters DAO is fast enough. That coming from an SA fanboy LOL.
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