SIRT AR Laser Bolt, anyone have one?

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  • rushthezeppelin

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    Dec 28, 2012
    Cedar Park
    I've been looking at some ways to improve my dry fire practice time with my AR, getting tired of pulling the charging handle back everytime to reset the trigger and have been looking at the limited option available for this.

    The glockstore system looks nifty at first but doesn't seem like it comes even close to accurately simulating trigger break and reset. Looks like it basically is like squeezing the trigger without a hammer in place which seems pretty hokey. Then add in the requirement to remove and reinstal your hammer everytime you want to do dry fire practice makes this seem even less appealing. Also the over 300 dollar price tag makes me cringe (granted it does come with laser targets but I'm not sure I really really need them).

    Doing more research I stumbled up NextLevel Training's SIRT AR bolt system. First off the simplicity of instal seems amazing, remove BCG and charging handle, drop in the laser bolt and set a magnetically held linkage onto the back of the trigger bar and close her back up. Second thing that appeals to me is all the reviews I have read seem to indicate it very closely replicates trigger break and reset of a milspec trigger (which is what I have in my AR). System uses CR123 batteries which is great and seems to last over a thousand trigger pulls without need to replace. Did I mention it has adjustments to cowitness the laser with your sights that can be done with the unit in place? Top it off with the $139 price tag for the red indoor laser and I'm darn near sold on this ($199 for the bright green laser for outdoors but this doesn't concern me as there are city ordinances where I live against having anything that could possibly resemble a real firearm being outside your home).

    So question is does anybody have this system themselves? Does it really live up to the claims of properly replicating a milspec trigger? Does it do this with parts inside the bolt or does it actually use your trigger's mechanics to accomplish this (I'm guessing the former)? What is the pull weight on this thing? What are your general opinions on this system?
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