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  1. Dsparil

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Houston, TX
    I've built up this collection over the years and no have no more use for it. It has some current common titles as well as some older titles.


    asking for $150 shipped.

    Titles are:

    Out of Nowhere: A History of the Military Sniper by Martin Pegler VERY good condition.

    The Ultimate Sniper (2006 revised edition) by John Plaster VERY good condition.

    The Military and Police Sniper by Mike Lau (regarded as a very good read) good condition.

    SEAL Sniper Training Program (no author listed and a little water damage on the outside of it. Still perfectly readable). So decent condition I guess.

    Stalk and Kill(2 copies) by Adrian Gilbert. GOOD condition.

    Sniper Training: US Army Field Manual FM 23-10 SUPERB condition.

    Stalkers and Shooters by Kevin Dockery (NEW!)

    Silent Warrior(the first Carlos Hathcock biography) by Charles Henderson. good condition

    Through the Crosshairs by Andy Dougan (mint!)

    Sniper Training and Employment TC 23-14 (this is the old US Army 1980s training manual, hence the numerous m-14 references.)

    Sniper: Training, Techniques and Weapons Peter Brookesmith (good condition)

    Hogs in the Shadows by Milo S. Afong (almost new!/mint)

    Illustrated Manual of Sniper Skills by Mark Spicer (very very good condition)

    Marine Sniper by Charles Henderson (the other Hathcock biography, in good condition)

    Dead Center by Ed Kugler (probably the only truly honest autobiography I've ever read that has no self praise in it. as a rule of thumb I avoid autobiographies but this is well worth it. good condition pocket book)

    One Shot - One Kill by Charles W. Sasser and Craig Roberts (good condition pocket book)

    Crosshairs on the Kill Zone by Craig Roberts and Charles W. Sasser (good condition pocket book

    so here they are. Good reads and I have no use for them anymore and need the money badly. Let me know at

  2. WhiteVirus

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Interested in "Ultimate Sniper" and "Military and Police Sniper". If you'd sell them separately.

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