SOB (Small of Back), IWB, or Belt Clip Holster?

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by toobs4us, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. toobs4us

    toobs4us New Member

    Oct 31, 2008
    I have an XD-40 SubCompact, just recieved my CHL, and am currently in the midst of researching a holster investment. I've found that I favor the SOB (small of back) design, but am not convinced on it as of yet. I can't seem to find any around town (houston), and the only SOB holsters that I've found online are from Galco and there $96. Any suggestions? Pros/Cons?

  2. baboon

    baboon Well-Known

    IWB IMHO is the only way to go. I've got a couple of Galco's SOB and the suck while sitting.
  3. toobs4us

    toobs4us New Member

    Oct 31, 2008
    Thanks for the tip. I'll consider it.
  4. fm2

    fm2 Event Coordinator

    Apr 27, 2008
    I am a fan of IWB also.

    IIRC FIST makes a holster that's close to SOB.
  5. fm2

    fm2 Event Coordinator

    Apr 27, 2008
    Yep, found here:
    Untitled Document

    SOB holsters have a lot of shortcomings, IMHO. One is they make it difficult to protect the gun if you are wrapped up by a BG.
  6. cajunautoxer

    cajunautoxer Well-Known

    Sep 8, 2008
    I have a XD9SC. I owned a SOB and Supertuck by Crossbreed. I sold the SOB it's easier to draw with IWB and the gun doesn't have to cross the body like a SOB. Also sitting down more comfortable with a IWB
  7. juwaba98

    juwaba98 Well-Known

    May 9, 2008
    North Zulch, TX
    The other advantage to IWB or even OWB with a cover garment is MUZZLE CONTROL! You could end up sweeping a lot of innocent people with SOB carry or even a shoulder rig to get your gun on target should the need arise. With strong side IWB or OWB carry this is a non issue as you will come out of the holster aiming downward like it rides in the holster and then bring it up and extend to target which had better be in front of you or on the other side of your covered position. The other thing to consider is your natural hand position. Your hands naturally fall to your sides, not the middle of your back or next to your armpits (shoulder holster). If your draw can be covered by natural movements you are that much closer to the needed element of surprise. I only threw in the shoulder thing because I put it in with SOB carry as not a good idea. Besides all the above, I don't like the idea of my gun pointing at my friends, loved ones and others while holstered as it will with both SOB and horizontal shoulder carry. Granted it will be covered by clothing but I would be more comfortable knowing I had my gun pointed in a safe direction at all times. Seems like there might be some kinda Four Rules of Gun Safety or something similar that mentions this.
  8. TAZ

    TAZ Active Member

    Oct 17, 2008
    Round Rock
    I went through the same dilemma whenstarting to carry. There is auniversal constant for concealed carry holders... a box of holsters that didnt work out. I trued SOB, but as has been stated I just couldnt make it work. Sitting anywhere was a PITA. Drawing from a seated position, especially in a car was impossible. Covering the gun in a crowded environement i.e. standing in line or anywhere where people get up close and personal is impossible. I found the strong side IWB was the best for concealment and strong side OWB was best for comfort i.e. around the house where I am not worried about printing and such.

    There area number of VERY good holsters makers out there that offer quality gear at a reasonable prices. Comp-Tac is local and will get you a holster in less tahna week normally. They make seriously good Kydex and hybrid holsters with very good service. Milt Sparks, Lou Alessi, Matt DelFatti, Mitch Rosen are all big name makers who make great product, but will have the price and wait list to match. The XD is a pretty commongun now, so you may try Lightning Arms and see if you get lucky with what they have in stock. Good luck with your search and holster box stocking adventure.

    Also rememebr that the belt means just as much when it comes to a quality and comfortable carry system.
  9. djspump2003

    djspump2003 Active Member

    Oct 19, 2008
    Hey, I still have my comp-tac IWB Kydex holster that I carried my XDSC 40 in until I sold the gun. It is the "Shirt Tucker"
    Comp-Tac : Products
    $20 if you're interested.
  10. Gun-Works

    Gun-Works Member

    Oct 20, 2008
    If you are still looking check out this link Kudos to Gunworks/Tennessee Holsters! - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source!


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