Someone Set Fire to Lone Star Gun Range in Lockhart

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  • lazyeye

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    Feb 10, 2010
    Central Tx
    I've been a fan of Lone Star GR since they started (Matt and I used to compare our new guns - the last time I ever saw him, he was super proud of a new Walther 9mm he had just got in), so I'm really disappointed to see this.

    Maybe this is some help, maybe not:

    • I'm guessing he's a local kid, most kids with the morals to just run away when something like this happens wouldn't drive too far out of their way to test these shells, they'd just go out into a field and shoot vs drive for 30 minutes all the way from Austin.

    • He's got a pretty unique look - I'd find a couple of folks on FaceBook (ideally include a couple of local High Schoolers) and ask them to post the reward info and the photos on their Facebook or Instagram feeds.

    • Ask the folks at Hays/Caldwell Fire ( ) to post it on their FaceBook accounts - a couple of those people actually have quite a few followers.

    • I'd bet that with $1,000 at stake, someone will recognize and name this kid.
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