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  • Whisky

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    Jan 27, 2013
    on the 25th of May I started a roadtrip from the Houston area to visit a buddy and his Wife in Vancouver, Wa (across the river from Portland - planned a couple of days of pistol shooting while there).

    end of day 1 and I was overnighting in Grants, NM - having my evening meal at a Denny's close to my hotel - sitting in a booth after having ordered when in walks a fellow in what looked like a Red Letterman's Jacket and red Baseball style cap - unusual in that the jacket and hat were covered with patches of some sort but what stood out to me was one that read something along the line of "Original Navajo Code Talker"

    damn !

    in hindsight (and being a 9 year Army Vet) I wish I would have gotten up and talked to the fellow there and then but my order arrived so I decided to eat and then approach the fellow afterwards.

    finished but the guy was not in the restaurant, so I missed the opportunity

    sad thing is that I've recently read where the last of the Code Talkers just passed away this month - I don't know if it was this fellow, or not, but I regret my decision to fill my stomach rather than talking to the Navajo fellow

    (Grants is about 80 miles west of Albuquerque, where the news article said this fellow passed away)
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