sotomayor says no to 2nd ammendment


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Mar 5, 2008
I can't back it up but I heard on the radio this am that sotomayor said that only the leos and swoldiers should have guns.She didn't believe the 2nd was refering to ordinary people.Bad times may be


Sep 20, 2008
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Interesting article, however, despite her comments otherwise, the Supreme Court does not influence or make policy. Not to mention they would have to overturn themselves on Heller, which ruled that the 2nd Ammendmant is an individual right, not to be regulated by State or Federal law, the problem we face is that this decision did not state what "arms" are......


Apr 14, 2009
it's time...can't get any closer than it is now...LETS MARCH!!! guys, its gonna get to the point that the slackers are finally getting the message, its now or never...its like when diesel prices skyrocketed and there was no real reason for it other than...............they could...what did we do??? we stopped a few trucks where they stood for a day, big deal, did not do much... you want to bring them to there knees.....(fuel prices) is how it should be done... we/someone prints in a national newspaper a list, starting with (whoever) lets say texaco...we DO NOT BUY ANY TYPE OF FUEL/PRODUCTS from this supplier FOR A WEEK...then in the newspaper list there are all the other SUPPLIERS listed... im willing to bet that the SECOND/THIRD suppliers listed will do something about the prices before their week of NO SALES comes around...just a thought...tx.


Jun 23, 2008
Spring, Texas
I'm floored by the push (that Sotomayor supports) to exempt states from the requirements of the 2nd Amendment, on the grounds that it is a FEDERAL requirement, but not a state requirement. Wait a minute! There was this war... a CIVIL war, I believe. And there was this Constitutional Amendment that did something... relevant. Oh, that's right. It abolished SLAVERY! That 13th Amendment Abolished Slavery and superseded states rights. Hmmm... so if a Constitutional Amendment, such as the 2nd Amendment, no longer pertains to the states, what about all of those others? Will some states choose to revive slavery? Will that pesky Freedom of Speech amendment get tossed by a few states? How about our right to not incriminate ourselves? I wonder which states will choose to ignore that one? Search and seizure, due process, etc... all on the table now. Thanks, Sonya! That's the CHANGE we've been waiting for.

Freakin' IDIOTS!!!!!
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