Springfield 1911 barrel. Mine is 3 different colors.


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Jan 8, 2009
Austin, Texas
I just got this custom 1911 last week. It's my first handgun. I noticed the barrel is 3 different colors.

The lenght of the barrel is a matte finish, the top part of the barrel that says S.A. .45 AUTO is stainless, and the lower part has a black finish on it.

Marking on the barrel.

On the under side of the barrel center to the link there is a T stamped there.

On the right side of the barrel there is M S on top and a B on the bottom.

On the left side there is an R on the lower link.




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Jan 12, 2009
Can't speak to the black, but it looks like somebody polished the breach end of the barrel. Which is seen when the slide is forward, but chose not to polish the rest since its only seen when the slide is locked back. Not so unusual.
A smith once did that to a S&W of mine just for looks.
If it shoots straight enjoy it.
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