Springfield M1A - Loaded Stainless


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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX

I've always wanted an M1A and I finally bought one about a month ago. It's a loaded stainless with a synthetic stock, and since it was originally a California gun, it came with the factory Springfield compensator; which works pretty well.

The Loaded model comes with the majority of National Match components, including an air-gauged 1:11 match barrel, sans the bedded wood stock. I've seen the same model do sub-MOA groups at 100 yards with factory match loads so it's got alot of potential.

The trigger is pretty good for a factory gun. It's the two-stage National Match trigger and has about a 4 - 4.5 lb. pull weight. Not too light, not too heavy, with a clean break. The rear match aperture is very narrow and makes the irons accurate, but hard to see through.


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May 29, 2008
Congrats Alan!! Yea, those are and will always be premier classics to own... I love mine and actually thinking about getting another M1A but as a Socom 16 to put it in a JAE-100 stock configuration.


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