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WTS SR4759 powder - Spring

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    Nov 22, 2011
    I've offered this before without success (in multiple places:() so I'm trying again at a lower price and with fewer conditions.

    SR 4759 powder, 4 jugs, 8 pounds each, from the final production run

    $300 per jug

    For those who don't know, here are a few basics about it.
    • Secondary use is for large magnum pistols. It works well, for example, in the .44 Magnum, though I don't recommend it based on the points below.
    • Energy density is low. It's not as low as Trail Boss but it is low.
    • Because energy density is low, it provides good load density for less-than-max loads in large rifle cases. It is THE powder if you want to shoot cast lead projectiles from full size rifle cases, e.g 30.06 or 300 Win Mag.
    • You'll need old load data. The powder hasn't been made in about a decade so it's not in modern manuals. Old Lyman manuals that concentrate on lead bullet reloading are good sources.
    • It's a PITA to load with because its jagged shape means it won't flow smoothly through powder measures.
    • It lacks a flash suppressant coating so out of short barrels it tends to produce a prodigious flash and blast. This isn't such a big deal from a 24-inch barrel but out of of a barrel half that length or less it's a whole different thing.
    Questions in this thread or by PM are welcome though I may not reply promptly.

    First "I'll take it" in this thread, followed up promptly with a PM to discuss particulars, gets however much you want to purchase.

    I'm in Spring, north of Houston. If you're willing to meet me halfway, I'm willing to drive a bit (say, 20 miles) to meet you in a public place to make the sale. Cash only, daytime only, F2F only (no shipping), and no trades.

    I will not do a bill of sale. :)

    If anyone wants pictures and lot numbers, I can post them here but, for now, I figure most of us know what a jug of powder looks like.
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