State reciprocity for NICS checks? Possible or not?

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    Mar 28, 2008
    We just moved out of state. Have not gotten our CCWs yet. When we purchase a firearm w/o a CCW permit we are subject to the 5 day waiting period (Certain counties within the state have opted for longer than the *state required* 3day waiting period). It burns my buns to wait and times like that I wish it were possible for me to present my CHL in order to bypass the NICS check & waiting period. To be able to utilize it the same as in state permit when purchasing a firearm as when I carry a firearm.

    So I guess I'm wondering, would it be possible to have reciprocity for NICS checks when out of state the same way the permit offers carry reciprocity? If not, what conflicts do you see? What hurdles would have to be cleared in order for it to work?

    Things I do know that would be germane:
    - not all state permits qualify to bypass the NICS system
    - not all states allow their residents to purchase firearms while out of state
    - not all states allow the sale of firearms to out of state residents

    Be advised I am NOT talking about or suggesting a national carry permit! So don't even bring that here. I do believe states need and should retain their permits powers. I take that into account even asking my question.

    Since the ground work has already been done to determine state reciprocity maps/lists and standards of which states permits can bypass NICS, why not put it all together and take reciprocity one step further to allow bypass of NICS as well while out of state?
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