Stolen guns

NCIC ? pardon my ignorance of anagrams I have no idea what that means but the College Station PD has the case also these bastards that stole the guns also stole the engagement ring two weeks before I was going to propose managed to get a ring (not nearly as nice but it was ok) and still pulled it off


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Aug 11, 2008

Sorry, I am wanting to know if the serial numbers for your firearms are reported to College Station PD, and make certain they are listed in NCIC (National Crime Information Computer).

That way if the serial number is run be law enforcement they should alert officers they are reported stolen.

If you only have a description without the serial numbers there is less chance of you recovering the firearms.
The College Station PD has the serial numbers but Im not sure about the other I will call the detective that is assigned to the case and ask it has been awhile sine I have called him thanks for the advice. I'm fairly sure they are my dad was a cop for 13 or so years so more than likely they are but I will double check to make sure

Id rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6
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