Storage - Something To Consider Under A Biden Administration


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Jan 3, 2010
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I can remember that during the early years of the Clinton administration, you couldn't find a PVC end cap in any hardware store. People were sealing stuff in PVC pipe and burying it. Sometimes they put concrete in the bottom so it wouldn't float up. By the way, that's not a great idea, as the moisture from the concrete in a closed pipe causes a lot of corrosion.

Now having spent a time working in the pipeline business, I can tell you that the soil in some areas can shrink and swell with enormous power. We used to test pipeline coatings in the gumbo soil of SW Houston, and frequently it would pull the coating right off the pipe. Similarly, plastic stuff can be cracked by shifting soil. Not a big deal for most applications, but it could be for storage. A potential way to hedge your bets would be to wrap the container so that there's a buffer between the soil and the walls.

Fixed defensive assets are often the easiest to defeat. The ability to move and to change the location of your assets can give you a huge edge. German defenses in WWII collapsed in less than a year; Viet Cong defenses were still going strong after a decade. Having a place - or places - to go could be useful.

Personally, I'm old and difficult. If they come, I'll do my best to make sure there are fewer to come after y'all.

Oh, and that bit about the iPhone also applies to any cell phone or table. Big Brother has been set up to track where you've been for a long, long time. They can listen and report even when they appear to be off. Not trying to be overly paranoid, but when you are considered an enemy of the New World Order, a little paranoia is a good thing.


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Feb 19, 2015
I know, so no one has to tell me the old adage that:

Yep, it's a nice quote and a nice sentiment but truth is it is kind of ridiculous. Even if a civil war was raging to protect our rights and you were fighting on the RIGHT side, it still would be good and prudent planning on your part to have something stashed away for you to 'dig up' as a last resort kind of a thing. Thus, I just purchased two more of these:

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I already owned one or more of these before my recent purchase of two more. I can attest that I tested one of them while I was still living in NY to see if they actually worked as promised. So, I buried one in my backyard for about 6 months. I buried one, containing a steel handgun (not stainless), two mags for the pistol, and about 500 rounds of ammo for it, in about December and then unearthed it in about May of the following year (don't hold me to the timeframe but it was at least 3cmonths although I recall 5 months). I was quite happy to find everything was dry and nothing had rusted or otherwise had corroded. In with the pistol and ammo, I had placed a silica gel desiccant can - specifically a Hydrosorbent Dehumidifier 40 Gram Canister - and put the gun into the blue "VCI" bag that came with the can. Everything came out dry and it had been buried in a fairly low spot that was usually wet both during and after the winter and the spring thaw.

Now, I'd like to say I also purchased some canisters to protect rifles, in addition to those to protect the pistols, but damn they were expennsive. They also require being buried vertically and to dig down 48 to 56 inches of so vertically and then another foot or two (the cannisters are quite long to accommodate rifles) is a chore to say the least, and that only if you can find ground soft enough to go down that far. So, I just tested these that will fit many pistols and some ammo. It is a good product as far as I am concerned and maybe one you really should consider under the current administration.

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Are those plastic? Just know that plastic is permeable. So eventually moisture will get through. Just depends on how long something is stored in them.

Personally, I am not burying anything. Come and take it.


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May 10, 2021
I can see both viewpoints.

With that said, I am not burying a knife, an axe, a 'hawk, a rifle and/or ammunition.

No offense to any person here.

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