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Storm Shelter design, Thinking Out Loud

Discussion in 'Home Preparedness and Shelters' started by Curt 58, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. markshere2

    markshere2 New Member

    Aug 4, 2018
    A. "The Government" is mostly wrong on almost every single thing they do. I would no more trust FEMA to specify my storm shelter than the EPA to make smart moves on mine drainage.

    2. Underground stuff gets wet. Period. Bad.

    c. Earth berming a shelter makes a lot of sense to me. Pour a slab, Attach a shelter (metal, concrete, whatever), and cover it over with a bunch of dirt. Make your own hobbit house that will allow the wind to swirl around it. As long as you have an established layer of plants with good root systems, the dirts not going anywhere and it will be resistant to flying 2x4s, cows, and F150s.

    Pros: doubles as a root cellar
    make it big enough and you can entertain in the cool....

    Cons: Not gonna work in a suburban development with active HOA board of jerks.
    Not fast and easy to buy and install

    Just spitballin here....

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