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Mar 6, 2008
I know you guys are all aware of this however I just feel the need to remind everyone during difficult times and good times do all possible to support your local ranges, with high ammo prices for sure people will cut back on their hobbies, but in an ever declining places to shoot we need to do anything possible to retain what we have.

My local range is Lone Star Range near Lockhart, great place to enjoy the outdoors and my favorite past time shooting.


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Jan 23, 2009
You are absolutely right.
Ranges are far few vs that of 10 years ago.
I use to shoot almost every weekend and now I am down to maybe twice a month and this month the only shoot I am making is with the TGT DFW Shooters in Dallas this coming Sunday.
My regular range is Winchester in Ft.Worth.
Last time I went in there David there asked if they had done something to run me off.
I told him no, just reloading components have been scarce and I have cut my shooting way back.


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Feb 14, 2009
South Korea
I think it is also important to support the R.O.s out at the ranges that treat you and everyone else with respect and keep the place nice and safe from idiots... I also always try to chat up the people in the stalls next to me in an effort if they seem relatively new to the game so that they become more comfortable with the range...
Anything that we can do right to keep people interested and fighting for our rights?...

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