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Supreme Court - Potential Gun Cases October 2013

Discussion in 'Politics' started by matefrio, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. matefrio

    matefrio ΔΕΞΑΙ TGT Supporter

    Only three remaining possible ones SCOTUS may pick up this year. Any bets as to what makes it Tuesday?


    1) "Right to bear arms outside the home without .gov 'reason'"
    first direct challenge to a "may-issue" concealed carry firearms law in the United States
    Woolard v. Gallagher
    Woollard v. Gallagher : SCOTUSblog
    Woollard v. Gallagher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    2) "Interstate Handgun Purchases
    If the plaintiffs succeed, residents of any State will be able to buy any handgun that can be legally sold in any other State and take possession of it directly, regardless of any law that may prohibit sales or purchase, but not ownership, of that type of weapon.
    Lane v. Holder
    Lane v. Holder : SCOTUSblog
    Lane v. Holder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    3) "Private sales vs. Straw Purchases"
    Abramski v. United States
    Abramski v. United States : SCOTUSblog

    All 4th circuit/ :whip:

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  2. cbigclarke

    cbigclarke TGT Addict

    Feb 24, 2009
    My money is on 3

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  3. dustycorgill

    dustycorgill Well-Known

    Jan 28, 2013
    Garland, Texas
    I say 3.
  4. krucam

    krucam New Member

    Feb 1, 2013
    DFW, TX
    I just moved to TX from MD and have been following Woollard since July 2010 when the case was filed. It is being driven by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and we're fortunate to have Alan Gura as counsel.

    We will know tomorrow, 10/15, if the Supreme Court will hear Woollard. This is an important case, not just for those in no and may-issue states. Many Federal Courts have been recalcitrant in expanding 2A rights beyond the home in the post-Heller era. A discretionary issue case ala Woollard would address this.

    "If" the Woollard Petition is denied tomorrow, there are cases percolating up through the Circuit Courts to come behind, including Drake, another SAF driven case from NJ (CA3).
  5. matefrio

    matefrio ΔΕΞΑΙ TGT Supporter

    Bump for the decision today.. hopefully.
  6. PhulesAu

    PhulesAu Well-Known

    Jul 26, 2013
    Texas, Mostly
    Thanks for keeping a eye on this.
  7. krucam

    krucam New Member

    Feb 1, 2013
    DFW, TX
    Unfortunately, Woollard was denied cert today. The hope for 'may-issue' states and a national recognition of the 2A right outside the home (post-Heller) now lies in CA3 (Drake), DC-District (Palmer) and CA9 (Peruta, Richards, Baker). Drake has run the cycle through the District and Circuit courts, a Petition to the Supreme Court will be forthcoming by 11/27/13.

    Abramski (FFL Straw Purchase regs when the ultimate possessor is legal) petition for cert was GRANTED today. We await the Merit phase and oral arguments in the Spring. All filings for the Supreme Court petition phase are available if you would like to read up on this one.
    Abramski v. United States : SCOTUSblog

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