Suspected Drunk Driver Sends Car Through Home, Hits Baby

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    CORPUS CHRISTI - A suspected drunk driver in a white truck was on Sarita Street turning onto Baldwin when he hit a utility pole, then a parked car, sending the vehicle right inside a home on Baldwin and Niagra and hitting a baby inside.
    Family members said the baby, who's just under a year old, was sitting in a stroller when the car came crashing into their home.
    The driver of the truck, ran off, but was caught under the Crosstown Expressway a few minutes later. Officers found a can of beer inside the truck.
    He was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked. The child hit by the car was rushed to the hospital by its mother.
    "The child was conscious, breathing and even understood, possibly smiling. We're fortunate of that, but we just want to make sure everything is OK. I don't know if the child was injured per say or just pushed, that's yet to be determined," CCPD Lt. Jason Brady said.
    Police at the scene said they are looking at possibly charging the suspect with charges of driving while intoxicated and failure to maintain speed.

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