Swiss made CZ 75 clone - AT84S


Apr 6, 2012
folks i need some info here. Just picked up an AT84S yesterday. before i picked it up i found out that it was a very high quality cz75 clone - pre CZ75B. Fit and finish is excellent, no rattle and just an overall great finished handgun. It is a little beat up with dings in certain places. Didn't cost me too much to get it except for a long drive.

Now after i cleaned it up, i did more research on it and found out that tanfoglio supplied some if the parts to the Swiss factory. Now here is where it gets interesting. Some people commented that there are some earlier versions that had weak steel, especially in the slide.

So i got a few questions here:
1. My serial number is 0277X - I don't know how many were produced. i think i read the weak slide happening on the first 1000 serial number.
2. What mags will fit in this gun.
3. Apparently there is an earlier version of this called the AT84 - without the S marking after the 84. what is the significant difference between the 2?
4. Will tanfoglio/ eaa witness internals fit (trigger bar, hammer, etc) ?

thanks ! loving it so far. need to take it to the range soon. pics will be up shortly


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Dec 28, 2012
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Nifty, didn't know the Swiss got in on the CZ clone action. I'm currently shooting a Turkish clone (sarsilmaz) and was thinking about trying a Tanfoglio next but might be interested in looking for one of these. Wish I had answers to your question, if I was nearby I'd let you try my Sarsilmaz mags (different than the classic CZ and Tanfoglio Mecgar mags). Keep us updated on how she runs for you.


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Mar 8, 2012
I cc a tanfoglio compact and love it.

My goto resource for all things cz and clone is the original cz forum. Someone there had your answers.

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Sep 13, 2013
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The CZ-75 was first popularized by the late Jeff Cooper in the mid-1970's.
Not exactly the whole story there, sport - popularized in the USA, you mean. It was already hugely popular with those of us outside the US and we were enjoying this pistol before Cooper ever got wind of it. With the prohibition on the import of Soviet-Bloc arms into the USA back in those days, we shot CZs for probably a couple of decades overseas before they became commonly-available in the US.

We were drooling over Colt 1911s and AR-15s while you boys were drooling over the CZ75; we all wanted what we couldn't have at the time ;)
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Nov 22, 2011
... we all wanted what we couldn't have at the time.
I guess that's why Makarovs cost ~USD$1000 back in the 1970s. They were totally unobtanium and we thought that would always be the case. Funny how the world can change over time.
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