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Tactical Conference @ USAA in Tulsa Apr 25-26?

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  • Wes45

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    Dec 21, 2008
    North Garland
    Was wondering if anyone had signed up for this week-end event? Unfortunately it was sold out a long time ago but you can find info at this link: [URL][/URL] and click on the link on the left "Tactical Conference" for info or at the top center red block "2009 Tactical Conference Packet" that describes all the week-end events.

    Just noticed the Subject line should have said USSA, US Shooting Academy.


    Event Coordinator
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    Apr 27, 2008
    Well, I missed this post til now.

    I'm unable to go to the event this year, it's outgrown Rangemasters facility. I've been to Rangemasters when they held a similar events in the past couple of years.

    It's a great way to get some ftf time with many instructors and see what they have to offer for yourself. You can ask them about the classes they teach, material covered, and any concerns you might have. It's a heck of a valuable opportunity. I've been a student of/with about 8 of the instructors for this event. Feel free to ask any questions, I gotta run for now.


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    Dec 21, 2008
    North Garland
    Here is some of what happened at USSA this past week-end

    In case you want to attend next year, here is a summary of what happened. The trainers and their topics included:

    Massad Ayoob, “Shooting Incidents, Managing the Aftermath”
    John Farnam, “Urban Rifle, the AR and its Alternatives”
    Rob Pincus and Paul White, “Combat Focus Shooting” (live fire)
    T.J. Pilling, “Defensive Shotgun” (live fire)
    Glenn Meyer, PhD, “Modern Psychology and Firearms Useage”
    John Hearne, “The Newhall Massacre and its Training Implications”
    Steve Moses, “The AK-47 as a Pick-Up Weapon”, (live fire)
    Southnarc, “Managing Unknown Contacts” (hands on)
    William Aprill, “Violent Actors, Violent Acts, an Overview”
    Marty Hayes, JD, “Reducing Firearms Instructor Liability”
    Karl Rehn, “Force on Force Scenarios with Airsoft Munitions” (live)
    Mike Brown, “Weapon Access in a Clinch”, (hands on)
    Skip Gochenour, “Criminal Psychology”
    Paul Gomez, “On Scene First-Aid for Traumatic Injuries”
    Hany Mahmoud, “Islamic Terror Groups”
    Will Andrews, “Shooting on the Move” (live fire)
    Mike Seeklander, “Wounded/Disabled Shooter Drills”, (live fire).

    Attendees were treated to extensive live-fire, hands-on, and classroom training opportunities, in addition to an exciting live fire match program. The match consisted of a very realistic problem in the Shoot-House, with reactive, 3D mannequin targets, bystanders, movement through a structure, distraction devices (loud explosions) and other stressors. The outdoor stages included Standard Exercises, a classic Dozier Drill, and a stage in which the shooter had to rescue a toddler. The child rescue stage involved rapid movement, carrying a fat, heavy three-year old (a dummy), engaging targets en route to cover, and engaging threats from cover without hitting bystander targets in the line of fire.
    The 2010 conference will be back at USSA next Spring. Check RANGEMASTER - Proven techniques, tactics, and thinking for the real world. soon for details.



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