Tactical latch pros/cons?


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Mar 4, 2008
Wanting to get some feedback on tactical latches for AR15's.I like the bigger profile for use with gloves.Do they add any real value other than a big piece of metal hanging off the side of my receiver?


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Jun 19, 2008
Amarillo, Texas
I love mine. I have a Badger Tactical latch on my AR currently. Makes it a lot easier to charge. I have heard people say that theirs get caught on their clothes, vests, etc., but I've never had a problem with mine. The Badger latches are steel and are fairly solid. PAC has one that is all aluminum. (I knew someone that said that the Badger latches cause premature wear on the upper where it contacts the hook recess due to it being steel and the upper being aluminum, but I have not seen evidence of this one mine yet).


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Oct 17, 2008
Round Rock
I have one of the badger units on my SPR and it helps since I have a relatively large scope on it still. While it does make operating the charging handle easier it does have some draw backs. My biggest gripes are that it digs into my belly when I let the rifle hang and I am not wearing an LBV. I have also had it hang on my mag puches and open the bolt. It will probably come off.
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