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Tactical Pistol-Carbine Course in Dripping Springs - 14 Sep

Discussion in 'Austin' started by ProCombatSkillsTrng, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. ProCombatSkillsTrng

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    Aug 30, 2013
    Dripping Springs, TX
    Come get some of the best training possible with PCST and Criterion Tactical - experience the real thing! Register today for the Tactical Pistol/Carbine Course in Dripping Springs.

    OK Fellow Students of the Gun, its time for you to get that AR-15 out and learn how to use it from a Tier 1 operator. Come out and learn from this coming Saturday!
    Tactical Pistol/Carbine Course - Progressive Combat Skills Training (PCST)[​IMG]

    This is an excerpt from Kelly's long and distinguished Bio:

    "Mr. Kelly Venden is a decorated combat veteran with over 22 years of service in the special operations community. He gained his exceptional weapons and tactical experience while assigned to the 1/75th Ranger Battalion and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta specializing in a wide variety of advanced counter terrorist operations, classified projects and other high risk special operations activities. His duties included the development and implementation of advanced marksmanship training programs with a focus on Close Quarter Battle drills, Hostage Rescue, Vehicle Interdiction, aircraft take-down, surgical breaching, and other special operations and defensive tactics.

    Following his retirement from the active military, Mr. Venden joined the Federal Air Marshal program as a federal agent, and, as a lead instructor, played a vital role in developing the firearms training curriculum for the fledgling federal agency. He has trained federal agencies, civilian law enforcement, and other DOD special mission units. Mr. Venden currently operates Criterion Tactical, llc., specializing in advanced marksmanship instruction and tactics for individuals who desire to become proficient with their personal firearms."

    Come learn from the best and see what we are all about! Pass the word and bring someone else who needs to work on their skills!

    Register today for the Tactical Pistol/Carbine Course at the Progressive Combat Skills Training Range Facility.Tactical Pistol/Carbine Course - Progressive Combat Skills Training (PCST)[​IMG]

    Progressive Combat Skills Training

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