Tactical Pistol Training Class at SGA - Review


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Mar 12, 2012
Houston, TX
I took Chuck Persinger's Tactical Pistol Training Class #1 at Spring Guns and Ammo last night. This was Class 1 in a 4 class series. Overall impression: It was $99 well spent and I will continue the series. Prerequisite for the Class is your CHL.

Instructors: Chuck was joined by two additional instructors. Their demeanor was very well received. They introduced stress but balanced it with well placed encouragement. The instructors were clearly qualified and each contributed from their experience and knowledge bases. Overall - a high quality team which I respected and appreciated.

Content: This is good stuff. The first class in the series is about point shooting. The drills were enjoyable and were designed to build to the final practical exercise. The instructors provide background and commentary explaining the purpose and goal of each exercise and I think all of the students left feeling more confident carrying.

The overall premise for the course was the reality that a defensive situation is not likely to present a shooter with the opportunity to line up a sight picture, and that the handgun can be rapidly and effectively deployed using our natural pointing ability. The final exercise puts the skills developed into practice using a target which is closing rapidly on the shooter. All of the students were able to successfully get two mags (including the mag change) into a target closing from 15 yards.

If you can come up with three hours - this class is IMO a great way to spend'm. More info is here: Training - Spring Guns & Ammo. Mods - I don't think I'm in violation as I'm sharing an experience I think can benefit many of the CHL holders here, and I'm not affiliated with SGA.


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