Tell me about this knife I got at the GRB gunshow


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Jan 14, 2009
Made from a file.



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Feb 17, 2009
Do you know which series of Anza knife it is, hard to tell from the pic, overall length, blade length etc... there are several on


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Jan 14, 2009
I called Anza knives this morning to ask them a few questions about the particular knife I got. At first, I talked to Joe an employee, then I talked to Charlie the owner of Anza knives.

Firstly, I asked about the uneven grinds, and he said there may be some variations since it is hand-worked. He says the knife will function fine and if I have any problems just let him know.

I then asked him what model my knife was, since I didn't see it on their website with this grip shape and blade profile. He said the 4" long blade is made from a 10" file but the blade shape combined with that grip shape is unique and not part of their current product line. It could be one of a kind. From their website, a comparable knife to mine in terms of size and grip shape is the 10-1, which is listed at $94.00.

He then went on to offer information about his tempering process which increases the ductile strength of the steel. They are not brittle, he said. Also, he gave other miscellaneous bits of information about how he shapes the blades from Nicholson files, how to care for them, and so on. One thing he said, is to avoid knife sharpeners at the gunshows who use a wheel grinder.

The "09" stands for the year in which it was made, so obviously it was made in 2009.

Overall, I think we had a good conversation, and I appreciate the owner taking time to talk to me about the knives he makes. I do think it's a great utility knife, and based on what he said, there may not be another one out there quite like this one. I do like the blade profile, and it is a very handy little cutter.


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