Texans for Gun Freedom Press Conference & Walk - 8/22/19 - Austin


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Oct 27, 2017
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Texans for Gun Freedom Press Conference & Walk

Thursday, 8/22/19, at 10:00 am
11th and Congress, Austin Texas

The Governor’s “Texas Safety Commission” is meeting at the Capitol at 10:30 on this same Thursday to discuss ways to keep guns away from people the government determines shouldn’t have guns.

The Governor had originally not allowed anyone from GOA-Texas or any other Texas gun rights organization to participate in this meeting. Even worse, he’s invited a gun control organization to give input. After a huge outcry, Abbott added one representative from TSRA but has still not invited any members of a grassroots 2A organization, nor has he invited a single FFL dealer.

Whether you carry a gun or not, your liberties are being threatened.

If they won’t listen to us inside the building, we will speak out outside the building.

Please join our press conference where we explain our positions, and then walk with us down Congress Ave. in a peaceful protest march.

More info on Facebook event page here:

[EDIT] Had wrong URL earlier. Fixed now.
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Jan 30, 2018
I know it is both short notice and a work day but I hope a few folks from here show up to help out.
I would love to be there but with my current inability to walk more than a short distant, I won't be able to.

I really appreciate what you are doing.

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Don't forget to ask for the name of one person a gun law has saved.

Also point out that passing a gun law to prevent shootings is like preventing drunk driving by banning sobriety.


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Oct 27, 2017
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I will be attending. Thinking of carrying a long gun. Don't want to be "that guy", though. Thoughts? If I do what do you guys think, PS90 or VZ58?
More info on carry here:



The 2nd amendment calls for us to regulate ourselves and we intend to do so. If you choose to join our group, please follow our self-imposed guidelines below for safety and orderliness.

If you plan to carry a long gun, meet at 9:30am the corner of 12th St. and San Jacinto by the Capitol Visitors’ Parking Garage.
  1. LEGALITY: All carry will be legal according to current Texas law. If you are carrying a handgun (unless it was manufactured before 1899), you must have a valid license recognized by the state of Texas.

  2. HANDGUNS: Handguns must remain in a holster. If they are visible, they must be carried on your person in a shoulder holster or a holster on your belt. All holsters must hold your handgun firmly and cover the trigger guard.

  3. LONG GUNS: Long guns must be carried on a sling either in front or back. Muzzles must point in a safe direction at all times (either up or down, and never at any person or property). Keep your safety on and do not put a round in the chamber.

  4. TRIGGER SAFETY: Keep your fingers and all other objects off the trigger and out of the trigger guard.

  5. CAPITOL GROUNDS: Long guns may not be carried on the Capitol grounds. If you’re carrying a long gun, stay OUTSIDE of the metal fence and gate.

  6. SAFETY CHECKS: We will have designated firearm safety officers; follow their directions. Please also help your fellow carriers to stay safe by calling their attention to anything that may be unsafe. We all stay safe by having each other’s backs!
  1. REMOVAL: If you refuse to follow our safety protocols, you will be asked to disassociate yourself from our group. Please leave the area peacefully.
My own thoughts are that it's going to be one hot day and not having to lug an extra few pounds might turn out best. If I had to choose, the PS 90 is definitely the best for summer, as a proper gentleman only wears white before Labor Day. ;)

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Nov 12, 2017
Would have liked to join you all but unfortunately I'm a few hundred miles away. For all who go, stay safe and hydrated.
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