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Texas Constitutional Carry - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Gun Legislation' started by Taylor C, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Taylor C

    Taylor C New Member

    Nov 27, 2016
    I have posted this in another thread of mine, but decided this would apply more generally. So, in Government code 411.172 a person is eligible for alicense to carry a handgun if that person is 21 years of age and isqualified under federal and state law to purchase a handgun. However, I haverecently looked through the filed senate and house bills that are to bereviewed at the next Texas legislative session in January. I found a bill proposed in the Texas House ofRepresentatives that calls for Texas constitutional carry. In H.B. #375 it iswritten that any “person who is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessinga firearm shall not be required to obtain a license to carry a handgun as acondition for carrying a handgun.” This would be a huge victory if passed,although I’m a little unsure about allowing just anyone to carry. What are y’allsthoughts? Do you think it will pass?

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Wylie, TEXAS
    I think it's a great idea. I fully support it, however more needs to be done to allow CC into places that do not allow open carry. But this is a big step in the right direction. In my mind concealed = nobody's business, so long as it remains concealed.

    Any place that puts a sign in front that essentially says "No Guns" is really saying "Safe to Rob"
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  3. Vaquero

    Vaquero Pre-ban Staff Member Admin

    Apr 4, 2011
    Out West
    I support it.
  4. Younggun

    Younggun Doer of Deeds TGT Supporter Admin

    Jul 31, 2011
    hill co.
    Absolutely not worried about people carrying without a license.

    People do it in their vehicles every day.

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  5. Dawico

    Dawico TGT Addict

    Oct 15, 2009
    Lampasas, Texas
    I am a fan.
  6. jrbfishn

    jrbfishn TGT Addict

    Aug 9, 2013
    south of killeen
    Does not bother me at all. Honest people will not be the problem. Criminals pay no attention to the law anyway. And criminals have the most to fear from an armed population. They are the ones that want the general population disarmed.
    I too am in full suport of this bill.
    from an idgit coffeeholic


    Oct 12, 2016
    Wylie, TEXAS
    Guns are just tools. I've been saying this to my neighbors and co-workers for years. "Do you feel safe knowing that we ban guns except for the chosen few here in California?" Really? Give a determined person a screwdriver, a knife, a rock, a car, rat poison. Really it's not hard to see just how unsafe people are but then they believe the shiny lie they've been sold that we can make them safe. One could walk through a cube farm and maybe kill a dozen or so people before the rest get away, and then the cops come, and then what? Well the game is nearly over at that point. However one could do any number of non-firearm-required acts that could kill so many more, like that terrorist in Nice earlier this year with a delivery truck. Then there was that time some determined terrorists took control of a few planes and killed thousands of people...

    Even when people become victims of crimes they still don't get it. They blame the rock, the stick, the sword... they refuse to see that the true killer of man is MAN. Has always been man. A tool is merely the extension of the person using it. So here's the real rub: if you have people who are intent on causing mayhem pick up a weapon, and you don't have one... well then what? Call 911? When the seconds count the cops are only minutes away.

    All I get back from 90% of the people I've talked to sounds the same:

    It matters not that their words say things like "well if we could ban all guns" or "if we could just take away this thing" it all sounds the same "baaaaaaah"

    The sheep believe what the shepherds tell them, because that is what sheep do, and the wolves will continue to eat them; even when they shepherds come after the wolves later.

    Well 10% of the folks I know out here are PEOPLE. They aren't sheep. They can think, analyze, and come to their own conclusions. They don't need shepherds, they are self-reliant. They understand that you cannot legislate authority nor behavior. They understand that when the crap hits the fan that you will be lucky to have anyone to rely on so you'd better need to be able to rely on yourself. Thus we arm ourselves because little turds hit little fans all the time, you just never know when or where.

    You cannot exercise your right to life without being able to exercise the right to defend it if the situation requires. You will be more effective at exercising that right if you have a weapon, preferably a firearm. In a free country that means you need to be able to carry a weapon on or about you person in case the need to use it arises. In a free country one should not need a piece of paper to do that, if one does then it becomes privilege and in the end you have no real right to your life anymore, it has become infringed.

    My hope is that Texas can get the sheep out, keep them out, and keep in the people. I'm not afraid to walk down a street knowing that 50% or more of the other individuals are armed, I'm actually quite fine with that, I have zero intent to commit a crime - and so do the majority of other people. But wow, if I was a bad guy knowing that the odds were I'd get gunned down pretty quick if I did something stupid? That is an effective deterrent.

    An armed society is not only a polite society, it's a safe society. You only have to look at places like Chicago, LA, Philly, and all the other liberal-run cities where law-abiding citizens have been effectively stripped of their weapons to see the truth in that.
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  8. Vec

    Vec Well-Known

    May 8, 2015
    i agree
  9. Shady

    Shady Well-Known

    Aug 24, 2013
    Constitutional carry is in several states so is nothing new. Blood did not flow in the streets, the skies did not fall, mothers of innocent children did not spontaneously combust. Its only an issue to the lemmings that fear there own shadows.

    It does not put guns in the hands of criminals they have plenty of laws on the books to keep them out of wrong doers hands the powers that be just need to enforce them and if you use a gun in a crime you don't get to smell freedom for a HELL of a long time if ever.

    I am pro death penalty and think we need to start a conveyor belt to the lethal injection room for violent or career criminals.
  10. Saltyag2010

    Saltyag2010 TGT Addict

    Feb 11, 2014
    Flour Bluff, America
    Why not constitutional carry?

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