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What a nice looking firend. Hopefully he'll re-gain his confidence.
Funny thing I told the wife I'd have no part of taking him to the vet for neutering. The other day I asked the wife if she ever checked the boy stitches (this ones is her dog) if she knew if the had to be pulled or if the fell out?

She started acting like she was above that, so I told her take care of her dog like she promised. The dog really didn't want her looking, so I told he get a picture with her phone. The picture looked like the stitches were ripped out. So she had to load him up & take him in. Luckily the stitches are still in. Bad news the dog fought her getting in the car. Now she's sporting a black ye & a big bruise on her arm. The dog really aint to excite about his leash either.

I still have the training collar from my bulldog & it's adjustable. Her dog is going to be fine. He is scared of my recliner or when I'm in it. His skittishness is coyote like in the house. Back yard by himself he's loving it. Neighbor dogs that run loose come over & they play along the fence line.


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Aug 21, 2013
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How about something a bit umm different from the usual good looking doggies ? :) My soon to be 8 y/o baby that just survived a 1700 mile move last Dec.
Knowing we raised rabbits on the farm as a kid, friend called me recently wanting to know why "Pete", his pet rabbit, was pulling hair off his stomach and making a nest.

Told him to change her name to "Paula". ;)



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