Texas is now a foreign country

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Apr 28, 2008
Texas Panhandle
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A listing of Hillary's foreign trips as Secretary of State. Why, she even crossed the border in to Texas. :rolleyes:

Last weekend, the blog Stormin’s Morning Java noticed an odd claim on the State Department website. In a list that intended to brag about how much Hillary Clinton had traveled as the new Secretary of State to foreign countries, Foggy Bottom included a trip to Texas:
The rest of the article is at the link. I didn't want to copy and paste the entire thing.


Sep 20, 2008
Good, since our Nationhood has officially been documented by the State Dept of a (now) Foreign Power lets begin the purge of all leftist/communist/marxist freaks, re-establish our govt as a true Republic, close ALL borders until we can institute firm but fair immigration policies, tax the hell out of all exported energy (maybe in the form of ammo for power) invite all major US held corporations to relocate to our nation with the promise of a Union free workforce... man I could go on forever......
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